Who We Are

Opening our doors in 2017, Angels Shuttle & Tours was created due to high demand from our  clients.  We are still growing in size and are in additional markets.  Our vision of continued growth has fueled our team and has helped us become not only a top producing office, but an award winning firm.

There is no wonder that just over a year later, our business model is the chosen one for our clients.

Our approach to taking our clients needs and turning them into results keeps them coming back for more.  Our staff will look at a clients needs, test the market, pilot the program, track and report, make necessary adjustments where needed, and and exceed expectations time and time again.

Why Use our Services

Our goal is to not only exceed your expectations, but to be your preferred transportation service provider .  We understand the need to attract and retain customers and we do that with a handshake and a smile.

Let our results speak for themselves.

 What We Offer

Speed to Market

This is what drives any business and this is where we excel. Our clients hire us, because of our history of consistency and our willingness to put in the work for them.

Customer Retention

This is all based off of trust. In sales and marketing, transparency is key. If the customer understands the benefits of the product and has a good experience with the people that surround it; retention then comes easily.


Without results, you can’t paint the picture for the client or allow them to believe in the end goal. Our track record of consistent results is the reason why many large corporations approach us for our help.

We Always Ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction

We know a happy customer is a lasting customer.  Therefore, our face to face approach allows us to make sure we serve all our customers needs.